Regions/Asia Pacific /Singapore /MAS Reporting
Global regulatory reporting platform enabling a "codeless" conversion from a standardized Data Schema to multiple regulatory formats
  • UI based Business Rules Engine and Validation Check Definitions
  • "Excel Like" Report Template and data mapping tools
  • Powerful collaboration, document management and review tools
  • Submissions in multiple formats including XBRL
  • Logical Data Model* for Central Bank Reporting
  • "Excel Like" Report template development tools
  • Can be implemented on any Data Repository including Global Data Warehouses
  • Codeless interface to maintain the Regulatory Rules and Data Validations
  • *(Optional)
  • Codeless platform implementable on existing data infrastructure
  • Complete independence from IT on all change management activities other than acquiring new data sources

The Fintellix Singapore MAS Reporting Product provides a single platform for all the MAS returns as well as smaller modules covering the major returns like MAS 610 and 649 which are particularly in focus owing to the upcoming changes . These changes provide banks operating in Singapore with an opportunity to implement a BCBS239 compliant next generation platform for these returns while keeping the existing regulatory reporting infrastructure intact. Alternatively, Singapore domiciled Banks can take this opportunity to revamp their regulatory reporting infrastructure with a more agile platform aligned with the regulatory direction of richer data sets and shorter time to comply. Fintellix tracks changes in the MAS guidelines closely, as part of its regulator watch program and provides regular updates to clients on all MAS reports.

The Fintellix MAS Reporting product can be implemented on the banks existing data infrastructure with a codeless interface for Business Analysts and Business users to maintain the MAS defined data conversion and validation rules as well as the visual/XML templates.

The powerful classification engine allows Business users and analysts to configure things like HQLA, P&L items, Counterparty types, Product types on granular portfolio data using business dimensions that the Bank is already used to managing.

The MAS Reporting product also provides a powerful, easy to use "Excel Like" Report writing tool which allows Business users and analysts to map data elements to Regulatory outputs including XBRL without any dependence on IT.