Regions/Asia Pacific /Hong Kong /HKMA Reporting
Global regulatory reporting platform enabling a "codeless" conversion from a standardized Data Schema to multiple regulatory formats
  • UI based Business Rules Engine and Validation Check Definitions
  • "Excel Like" Report Template and data mapping tools
  • Powerful collaboration, document management and review tools
  • Submissions in multiple formats including XBRL
  • Logical Data Model* for Central Bank Reporting "Excel Like"
  • "Excel Like" Report template development tools
  • Can be implemented on any Data Repository including Global Data Warehouses
  • Codeless interface to maintain the Regulatory Rules and Data Validations
  • *(Optional)
  • Codeless platform implementable on existing data infrastructure
  • Complete independence from IT on all change management activities other than acquiring new data sources

HKMA demands a series of 40 plus exhaustive returns to be submitted by banks in the region . These returns encompass all subject areas include financials, capital adequacy, assets and liabilities portfolio of the bank . Each return by itself is fairly exhaustive requiring banks to report hundreds of data points across multiple sections. The coverage and granularity of data demanded is not only onerous but also reporting requires timely submission in turn making the overall process challenging. The process of submission typically involves collaboration between multiple departments and extensive manual validations at various stages of data processing before final submission . Hence increasingly banks are choosing to automate the process of return preparation.

The Fintellix HKMA Reporting solution can be implemented on the bank's existing data infrastructure with a codeless interface for Business Analysts and Business users to maintain the Central Bank defined data conversion and validation rules as well as the visual/XBRL templates.

The powerful classification engine allows Business users and analysts to configure things like exposures, GL items, Industry classification on granular portfolio data using business dimensions that the Bank is already used to managing.