Fintellix Products
Future-proof Compliance, Risk & Analytics Solutions on an integrated platform to help banks grow while staying regulator compliant.
Your core banking and transactional systems are the life blood of your banking organization. But, are they being leveraged in the optimum fashion? How can greater value be extracted from existing investments? A veritable goldmine of business-critical data is scattered across your organization across multiple systems. Data that lies in underlying tables and databases, inert, unutilised. How can data be viewed in the right context, to drive management decisions with far-reaching consequences?

Fintellix combines extensive expertise in the financial services industry and the acumen of a new wave technology company to discover innovative ways to extract value from your technology investments and extract data from multiple systems and transform it into actionable information. Fintellix Compliance, Risk and Analytics product suite are the result of a deep understanding of the ground realities of the Core Banking and other source systems and a commitment to enabling compliance and growth. Built on a robust banking data platform, the Fintellix product suite integrates seamlessly with your bank’s infrastructure and empowers you with the information and insights you need to grow your business while complying with a challenging regulatory environment.