Fintellix Products /Multi-country Regulatory Reporting
Global regulatory reporting platform enabling a "codeless" conversion from a standardized Data Schema to multiple regulatory formats
  • UI based Business Rules Engine and Validation Check Definitions
  • "Excel Like" Report Template and data mapping tools
  • Powerful collaboration, document management and review tools
  • Submissions in multiple formats including XBRL
  • (Optional) logical data model for Central Bank Reporting
  • "Excel Like" Report template development tools
  • Can be implemented on any Data Repository including Global Data Warehouses
  • Codeless interface for each country to maintain the Regulatory Rules and Data Validations
  • Multi-Country Codeless platform implementable on existing data infrastructure
  • Complete independence from IT on all change management activities other than acquiring new data sources

Convergence is occurring in the Regulatory Reporting practices globally with the Data infrastructure aligning toward BCBS239/Automated Data Flow (ADF) and the reporting subject areas aligning with Basel norms of Liquidity Risk (LCR/NSFR), Credit Risk Management (Impaired Assets/Concentration Risk), Tax compliance (FATCA/CRS) etc.

However, Global Banks still run in-country practices for Regulatory Reporting even though the data infrastructure is largely common across global operations.

Fintellix provides a BCBS239 platform capable of leveraging existing data infrastructure such as Global Data Warehouses while allowing in-country teams to manage Local Regulatory Rules, Local Regulator driven data validations, Local Regulatory Templates and even some temporary data augmentation through an Auditable Data Management Platform.

This ensures that the only dependence on IT is for the acquisition of data into an accessible data storage thus increasing the agility and decreasing the cost of compliance.