Fintellix Products /India NPA Automation
Comprehensive solution to manage Asset Quality and enable for risk-sensitive, proactive decision making.
  • Powerful Codeless Classification Engine to define product wise NPA events
  • UI driven framework to manage discretionary upgrades and downgrades
  • Parameterizable framework for defining provisioning percentage
  • In-built workflows for users to validate system generated identification and provisioning
  • Pre-built logical data model
  • Handle cross NPAs and Cross collaterals
  • Perform reclassifications, with appropriate controls
  • Generate accounting entries for downstream systems
  • Solution delivered off a Data Mart without disturbing existing systems & architecture
  • Future proofing to keep pace with regulatory change including the ECL guidelines under IND AS109
  • Empower business users to manage NPA identification rules and provisioning levels independently

Fintellix NPA Automation solution has been designed inline with current IRAC(Income Recognition and Asset Classification) guidelines issued by RBI. The solution enables banks to obtain a single view of NPAs across all product types and customer segments. It creates a unified view of NPAs across all credit facilities held by the customer. The Fintellix NPA solution is delivered on a BCBS239 and ADF compliant Data Platform thus ensuring future-proofing of the technical infrastructure.

Fintellix NPA Automation solution automates the process of identifying NPAs, computing provisioning figures and generating appropriate accounting entries. At each stage users have the ability to view the list of accounts and validate the same through a user interface which provides comprehensive account and customer details.

The solution also has the capability to identify and report on SMAs –Special Mention Accounts. In addition , the solution comes with a set of pre-built reports and dashboards. Fintellix NPA automation also provides an add on stress test module, with flexibility to modify test data, parameters and conditions.

The India NPA Automation Solution is part of the "Loan Reserve Management" family of products and is already updated with computational models for Expected Credit Losses (ECL/CECL) models being implemented in the United States . Indian Banks would be able to leverage this and fast-track their transition to the ECL regime as and when it is introduced in India.