Fintellix Products /ALLL Manager
Accurate, auditable and CECL Compliant ALLL calculation with decision-making insights
  • Integrated ALLL workflow and process management
  • Business user driven FAS5/FAS114 classification, pooling and risk grading
  • Create ALLL specific call report segments (RI-B, RC-N) from the same solution
  • Powerful drill-down and slice & dice features
  • Configurable Look Back Period and multiple calculation iterations
  • In-built Document Repository for instant access to calculation linked documents
  • Faster and accurate ALLL with decision-making insights
  • Defend ALLL calculations with a robust auditable analytics and documentation framework
  • FAS 5 Migration Analysis
  • C-Level Executive focus with insightful management reporting and dashboards
  • What-if analysis to help management focus on problem areas
  • Fintellix Assurance of CECL compliance at no extra cost
  • Lays the foundation for CECL from both data and calculation perspective
  • Helps with smoother audit and examination
  • Goes beyond complying with regulation and aids management decision-making
  • On-cloud option reduces overall TCO

With ALLL being a closely watched parameter by regulators, there has been increasing focus on ALLL-related processes and documentation by auditors and examiners. A renewed focus on the overall ALLL process is imperative given the yet-to-be mandated CECL regime, which has in turn triggered the need for an automated solution.

Fintellix ALLL Manager is an integrated yet modular solution to measure, monitor, manage and report ALLL. Designed to make you audit and examination ready, the solution caters to all regulatory requirements, with a powerful decision making insights module to help C-Level executives strategize business decisions.

Accuracy is not only limited to automated ALLL calculations using migration analysis for FAS 5 segments and NPV/Collateral method for FAS 114 account, but also by maintaining multiple iterations and manual validation layer using the review process framework.

With an in-built document repository, end-to-end audit log and a set of pre-built reports, the solution makes you audit and examination ready at all points of time. Fintellix s business orientation provides complete flexibility to business users to configure and maintain the solution based on your bank s policies.