Fintellix Platforms /DataHub

Banking Data Model covering Regulatory Reporting, Risk Reporting and Business Analytics that is Easy to Implement and Easy to Load

The Fintellix DataHub has been designed to meet the needs of full service banks and consistently uses universal banking business nomenclature across all its tables, metrics and attributes. This makes it much easier for business users to understand and work with the data. The DataHub is constantly enriched to reflect evolution in the financial services space marked by the introduction of new products, regulatory standards and so on. The DataHub is designed to store data at the most granular level thus making it versatile and extensible to meet multiple use cases. This meets with the BCBS239 principles of Completeness and Adaptability.

While the DataHub is a normalized layer where historical data is organized in the form of facts and dimensions; a separate receiving structure - the reception/staging layer has been designed to make data acquisition from source systems easy. The reception layer has denormalized , flat structures and is designed to work seamlessly with common transaction systems using a standard interface format.

The DataHub can be implemented on any Database technology including HADOOP and is ideally suited for a Bank looking to organize its Data assets aligned with the BCBS239 principles.

The Fintellix DataHub is typically used in conjunction with the Fintellix Data Plaform which provides a User Interface for Business Analysts and Data Analysts to manage the data and convert into reporting formats.