Fintellix Platforms /Data Platform - Standard / Content Management & Administration
Security parameters at a solution, artefact and dimensional level with in-built control mechanisms.

Organization Hierarchy Modeler – complete organization hierarchy structure can be modeled within the solution for ease of mapping roles and users to respective divisions and access controls.

Access Management – support for multiple access level definitions for various functions, artefacts and solutions.

Entitlement & Security – user friendly interface for artefact management, administration of entitlement and configuration of other security features and authorizations.

Audit Trail – complete and historical audit trail for all changes with an easy-to-use user interface to search, view and monitor events.

System Usage Tracking and Activity Monitoring – set of tools, dashboards and reports to effectively monitor and administer various activities within the system.

Across the Administration and Collaboration features of the Fintellix Data Platform, the BCBS239 principle of Distribution are adhered to.