Fintellix Platforms /Data Platform - Standard / Data Processing
Integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources & transform, aggregate, compute & validate using first-of-its-kind data processing business rules engine.

Data Integration Engine – Industry standard ETL engine embedded within platform with support for simple / complex transformations and extraction from variety of data sources, ranging from relational databases to unstructured information sources such as spreadsheets.

Derived Dimensions – A powerful evaluation engine with user friendly interface which allows creating a custom dimension and set-up conditions for evaluation of its values using existing source system attributes. Derive standard regulator defined codes using existing source system values and use these codes in Business rules to simplify reporting logic.

Business Rules Engine – A robust and comprehensive data processing engine with business user friendly interface to configure and manage business logic-based rules to compute report data by filtering and aggregating measures across dimensions.

Edit Checks – Intra and inter-report checks to ensure validity of the Rules and Alerts based on expressions. These are either mandatory or warning signals.

XBRL Engine – In-built engine within the platform to process, generate and validate data for submission of reports in XBRL allowing for automated submission.

Data Profiler – Monitor data quality and consistency, setting up threshold and variance to keep check on critical data sets and measures.

Statistical Engine – With individual areas within banking such as Risk and ALM increasingly demanding statistical analysis, the Fintellix platform is engineered to integrate with any statistical engine of the bank's choice.