Fintellix Platforms /Data Platform - Standard / Data Management
Ensure data integrity, completeness and correctness with necessary security controls & auditability

Reference Data Management – provisions for augmenting and enriching reference data in the data repository, that can be exported, uploaded or modified using user-interface as required, with data as sourced and partially filled from source systems and the remaining modified or uploaded as required.

Multilevel adjustments – adjustments are allowed at the Account level or at the Reporting Line level with suitable control mechanisms.

Self Heal – framework to ensure reference code data integrity by tracking and capturing new reference code values encountered from source systems and healing them to respective reference code tables in the data repository.

Gap Data Management – input interface to upload data that can only be manually sourced with user inputs and not sourced via automatic data integration process. It provides an easy to use interface to upload, edit and review manual data.

The Data Management features of the Fintellix Data Platform enables Banks to establish a strong Data Governance framework in the organization with clear ownership of Data in accordance with the "Governance" principle of BCBS239.