Fintellix Platforms /Data Platform - Standard / Content Delivery & Collaboration
Rich visualization engine with automated submission using predefined workflows and management modules ensuring complete transparency, auditability and traceability.

XLerator Visualization Engine – our own lightweight excel "like" web-based reporting platform enabling easy and accelerated report template development and management, single-window operation to review report, adjust values, drill down and perform other such interactions directly on the report.

Process Flow Engine – A clean visual interface for multi-level workflow definition with facilities to define complex multidivisional processes for generation and review. Assign workflow to suitable artefacts and set-up schedule to trigger these workflows at required time intervals.

Alerts – detailed, user-specific Alerts to ensure users are reminded at the right time to initiate workflows, review content, submit reports, check for errors in logic and even check for data issues as defined by Business Rules validator.

Ad Hoc Analysis – Ad Hoc Reporting Module integrated into the Fintellix platform provides a drag-drop interface for generating on-the-fly analysis (reports and charts) that can be saved, shared and distributed as required.

Archival – archive reports in various export formats within the Fintellix solution with an interface to search, view and download historically archived reports in respective formats.

Task Tracker – calendar based tracking interface to monitor, view and manage to your tasks. Users can set-up up their own task reminders within the system.

Drill down – drill down directly from the report to underlying data through various level of aggregations to the lowest granularity.