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   Banking Intellisense
   How does it work?
  Transforming Data into Banking Success

iCreate’s best-in-class BI, Analytics, Reporting and Performance Management solutions for Banking translates into feature-rich products, value-driven services and innovative engagement models that ensure a significant positive impact on lead times, productivity and quality.

1. Gather data from the source
    iCreate's Banking Intellisense solutions gather data from the banking systems you use,
    ensuring data quality at the source. 

2. Transforming raw data into information
    iCreate offers banking-specific ODS and solution cubes that deliver sorted, collated
    and granular information to the level of One Customer, One View. 

3. Delivering information you can act on
    iCreate provides you with preconfigured reports,dashboards and scorecards for a
    simple, data-rich view. 

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