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Making Stress Testing easy to use and the results easy to interpret

The results of a well-designed portfolio stress testing program offer useful predictive credit information about potential relative risk in concentration segments, or loan portfolios as a whole. This information is typically directional and should be a part of a financial institution's overall credit/risk assessment process

Fintellix would soon launch the Portfolio Stress Testing solution to help banks do a loan-by-loan analysis of the current portfolio based on user-defined stress scenarios. A bank level stress test would help assess potential changes in credit quality, earnings and capital allocations. The solution would not only help bankers identify future problems loans for watch-list meetings but also help for capital planning and strategic initiatives

Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Stress
Testing  Fintellix CRE stress testing would help banks to do a loan-by-loan analysis based on stressing of single or combination of attributes such as DSCR, LTV and other leverage ratios. A simplistic approach would help you identify and isolate key CRE concentrations for stress testing and assess the impact on capital and earnings.

Commercial and Industrial Portfolio Stress Testing
With the recent surge in C&I lending due to increased scrutiny of CRE portfolio, it is bank's imperative to demonstrate proactive risk control around same. Fintellix C&I stress testing would enable institutions to easily import key financials from spreadsheets or manual entry, and then stress items like COGS sales or interest rates. The solution would allow the banker to select appropriate segments to test (based on industry, geography, product or other factors) and report results of the stressed scenarios in aggregate and detail.