Fintellix Labs /"Excel Like" Dashboarding

If you know the data you want to present and can use Excel, you should be able to produce consumable Executive dashboards

Anyone who has produced reports and dashboards using expensive BI tools for Finance, Risk and Compliance professionals have been frustrated how the user finally exports the data to Excel from a report/dashboard that took humongous IT effort to develop. At Fintellix, we set a goal that if the User is comfortable with Excel, why cant Excel be used as the IDE for development?

The Fintellix Xlerator module was released in mid 2015 and provides the capability to develop grid reports using Excel as the IDE while providing all the features (and more) of an Enterprise BI tool. Essentially, once the report model in Excel is imported into the Fintellix Platform, it behaves like any web-based BI development environment.

Fintellix Labs is now working on taking this further to rich Business dashboards.